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here's our most recent outreach, news about General Council and Cuba

Hello ,

I appreciate you so much! Your faithful friendship and partnership over the years has been without waiver or compromise. I want to ask you to help me with two crucial things. First, please pray for the impact of God’s word and ministry for our upcoming General Council in Anaheim CA next week. The Lord has given me a message that I believe comes from His heart. Thousands of ministers need a fresh word, not from me, but from God. I ask you to please pray with me and forward this prayer request to any intercessors you know so that His Spirit and power will dynamically renew everyone in attendance.

Second, immediately following our General Council, I am heading to Cuba where we will hold three evangelistic campaigns. Please pray that thousands will give their hearts to Christ and fully commit to follow Him. In addition, please pray that our supporters and churches will give to this important outreach. I do not need to emphasize what a historic door this is. We have raised everything except $8,000, and we have two weeks before we head to Cuba.

Below are two photos of our most recent outreach where several thousands gave their hearts to Christ for the FIRST time.

Again, thank you for your friendship and faithful support over the years! We couldn’t do it without it.

May the Lord continue to bless you richly!

here's a short campaign and thank you video from Buenos Aires

Hi ,

Looking for a short missions video to share with your missions board or church? This greeting runs just over a minute and has some great footage and shots of our most recent campaign in South America. Feel free to download it. Enjoy!

Thank you and may the Lord bless you richly!

PS let me know if you want to download it, and I can send you the link.

here's our Summer 2016 Newsletter


Here is a copy of our latest newsletter. I trust the photos and powerful testimony will encourage your heart today. The Lord continues to orchestrate powerful things.We covet your prayers! We thank you for your continued partnership. Without you, we couldn’t accomplish the task.Please pray that the Lord will provide financially for three very crucial outreaches coming up in the next six months
(Chile, Argentina, and Cuba).Thank you and God bless!Jason and Cindee Frenn

A year of wonderful breakthroughs

Dear ,

What a year this has been!! As we wind up our itineration, I can’t help but reflect on the international crusades and outreaches we held in the past 12 months. We've traveled 130,000 air miles, 60,000 road miles, and experienced some of the most powerful miracles and breakthroughs.

Just this past week, my dear friend Alex from Cuba called. He is the Assemblies of God director for evangelism and chaplaincy. He heads up much of the distribution of my book Power To Change in prisons throughout the country. He told me that the Lord miraculously healed his mother of cancer. She had been sick for many months, and the doctors were unable to help her. Then about ten days ago, the cancer disappeared. The doctors who treated her are baffled. That is one story among many. I wish I had the time to tell you all the stories of miracles, testimonies of salvation, and people who have been delivered this year.

In 2015, we’ve seen:
. over 20,000 people give their hearts to Christ
. spoken to over 150,000 people in crusades, outreaches, and live events
. held outreaches in Asia, South America, Central America, and the United States

As we wrap up this cycle and begin our SIXTH missionary term, I would ask you to continue to partner with us. There are so many unprecedented opportunities, open doors, and needs the Lord has laid before us. Next week, we travel to Argentina. Then in December, we have a crusade in the soccer stadium in Zacatecoluca El Salvador. 2016 will be even more fruitful than this year! We need your continued support in order to get to these strategic and important outreaches.

There are two easy ways you can help us. First (and I say this with the most profound sincerity), PLEASE PRAY. When we sincerely and genuinely seek the Lord in prayer, it moves His heart. So please take the time to pray for the upcoming outreaches and crusades. We cannot move forward unless people are praying with us.

Second, you can give a one-time offering or make a monthly commitment. Either one will help us significantly. Please don’t discount the importance of what you give or how you pray. The fact that you’ve read this note and believe in what the Lord has called us to do means more to Cindee and me than words can convey. If you feel led to help us in this great commission, click this link, and select the amount you desire to send:

Or if you would prefer to give directly, please send your check to:

in the memo please write, "Jason & Cindee Frenn Account 244598"

1445 Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65803

Attached are some great highlights over the past four months!

May the Lord continue to bless you richly!

here's a special report on the Cuba outreaches this past weekend

Hi !

Thank you so much for praying and helping us reach out to the
special people of Cuba! This past weekend, God touched thousands of
lives for all eternity.

The last night just before I stood up to preach, I asked the team
to greet the crowd of 3,000. Bob Birtwell was the last one to greet
the people before I preached. He said, "Tonight, you will hear
a great message of hope and of salvation. As you look around, I am
sure you've noticed the joy on people's faces as they sang.
Perhaps you're wondering how you can experience that same joy.
We'll that's because the Lord Jesus gave them that joy, and
you can experience it too. So tonight, you'll have an
opportunity to give your heart to Christ, and I pray you do

After the sermon and altar call, Bob was standing in the back of
the crusade lot when a young lady came up to him. She brought her
friend and sister with her as witnesses to what she was about to
tell him. "Tonight, I decided to give my life to Christ after
hearing what you said. You see, a year ago I had a dream that you
were speaking on a platform saying exactly what you said tonight.
For the past year, I thought about it, and tonight when I saw you I
recognized you from my dream. So I gave my heart to Christ."
Can you believe it? What an incredible God we serve who goes to
great lengths to reach out to those He loves.

Another great testimony had to do with a family that walked off the
street onto the crusade lot and said, "We need to give our
hearts to Christ." The father had a great pain in his left leg
along with an ulcer. The wife had a fibroma problem in her uterus.
The whole family including their two children gave their hearts to
Christ. All of them were weeping. They turned over the idols over
to us. The even brought their evil witchcraft cards and turned them
over to the pastor.

We spoke to over 6,000 people during the two nights, and we had
around 650 decisions for Christ. , please pray with
us for our next set of outreaches coming up in July and August.
Help us take the gospel to that nation. Consider giving a one-time
offering that will make an eternal difference in the lives of
thousands. Email me directly if God lays it upon your heart.

Thank you so much for believing, praying, and all that you do to
reach those who need Christ!

Your friend,

Personal thoughts for you as I leave for Cuba...

Hello ,

How are you doing?

In just three days, I will be going to Cuba to hold two major
open-air outreaches. I still can't believe that God has given
me a "once in a century" open door!

This coming Saturday and Sunday night, I will share the Gospel with
10,000 Cubans. This cannot be possible without the help of someone
like you who believes in reaching the Lost.

I am asking you, PLEASE pray for these outreaches, that God would
anoint me to preach His word with power and conviction.

I am also asking you to prayerfully consider giving a one-time gift
to help me take the gospel to Cuba. We need to raise $20,000 by
this weekend!!

A gift of $100 helps us reach 50 people. If you give $500 it will
help us reach 250 people. Your gift of $1,000 will help us share
the Gospel with 500.

Regardless of what you give, it will make an eternal difference in
the lives of thousands. Call me with your gift at (949) 752-7869
or you give online at

I land in Cuba on March 7th at 5:30 p.m. EST. WOULD YOU PRAY FOR
ME from this coming weekend until I return to the United States on
Tuesday afternoon?

I praise God for our friendship and for the heart He has given you!

Serving God together! - Jason

P.S. , when you give to Cuba . . . Cindee and I are
so thankful! You are reaching those close to God's heart and
changing lives for eternity (2 Corinthians 9:12)! Click here to
give a one-time gift to this outreach:

this is the number one question I am asked...

Hi ,

The NUMBER ONE question I am asked is: "Why don't we
experience the same miracles that are happening around the
world?" I can answer that question for you, and more
importantly, I can help you do something to about it. My newest
book, BECOME WHAT YOU BELIEVE, describes the ten essential
characteristics of people who experience miracles around the world.

If you long to experience the power of God like those who lived in
the New Testament, this is a book that will inspire. If you need
healing, deliverance, or a specific miracle, this book will pave
the way. You will learn what you can start doing today in order to
experience the power of God.

If you yearn to experience the same revival that is sweeping many
parts of the world, read this book cover to cover.

Here's the Amazon link for paperback:

Here's the Amazon Kindle link:

With deep appreciation for you!


Diana Becerra from California writes:

"I had never read a book that will bring me to tears reading
just the first five pages. Jason thank you for bringing the reality
of God's miracles to our day to day. Great book!"

Trent Marcus from California writes:

"...Become What You Believe is a practical tool to make sense
of why so many of our foreign brothers and sisters are expecting
and experiencing God's miraculous power. Frenn's Biblical
basis provides inspiration for all to develop a healthy perspective
and practice in living out a faith that invloves miracles.

I enjoyed page after page of the truth and encouragement that Frenn
offers. My wife is glad that I've finished it, as she
couldn't wait to read it herself."

Upcoming trip to Cuba

Hello ,

Tomorrow, Cindee and I are leading a wonderful team to Cuba. We
will be ministering there for a week. I will be preaching the
district youth congress, and the other outstanding team members (my
in-laws, my wife, the Dresselhaus', Tony Cervero, and Dan
Campbell) will be teaching pastors and leaders in three different
areas outside of Havana.

Please pray for God's divine provision and providence, His hand
of protection upon us, and most of all, for God to pour out His
Spirit in every meeting. Would you please forward this prayer
request to the intercessors you know?

I deeply appreciate your faithfulness, friendship and commitment to
do God's will.

May God richly bless you and may He be glorified in everything we


Upcoming Outreaches In LA and Cuba

Hello ,

Our hearts are overwhelmed with joy as we head into the harvest
time in Latin America this summer. Since January, we've held
three international outreaches in Paraguay, Costa Rica and El
Salvador. Over 3,000 decisions for Christ!

Coming up in June, we have a one-day Spanish crusade in LA, AND in
July we have a nation-wide youth outreach in Cuba. God is opening
unprecedented doors in that nation, and every time I think about
it, tears come to my eyes. Of all the rich soils in the world, Cuba
is perhaps one of the most fruit producing we've seen.

God has given us grace and favor in Cuba. And we need to continue
to walk through that door. As of the time we write this email to
you, we need $12,000 (now just $9,500) in order to finish raising
the entire budget for this very important missionary trip. We will
distribute evangelistic books, preach the national youth congress
and reach thousands for Christ. Would you prayerfully consider
sending a one-time gift to help us return to that great
island-nation to preach the Gospel? I am asking for nine of my
partners to prayerfully consider helping us at this time with an

Please let me know as soon as you are able. We know that God is
prompting all of us in these last days to make extraordinary
efforts to reach those who desperately need Christ. Thank you for
being a wonderful partner in His Great Commission.

May the Lord continue to bless you richly!

PS. In May, our oldest daughter, Celina, graduated from Vanguard
University (and is now enrolled in SoCal School of Ministry). In a
week our youngest daughter Jazmin, graduates from high school and
heads to Cambodia for a missions trip before heading to Vanguard in
the Fall.

here's a phenomenal crusade report from Costa Rica

Hello ,

There are moments when no words can explain in human terms what God
does or how He does it. Before my very eyes, twenty percent of
Nandayure, Costa Rica made a commitment to follow Christ. If I
wasn't there, I probably wouldn't have believed it. Imagine
a town of several thousand people and by the last evening of the
crusade more people came to the crusade than live within a twenty
mile radius. More than half were unchurched. I lost count of the
amount of people who addressed me as "Padre" (Father).

Jeffrey, was an 18 year old who told me his story after the second
night. He has a two year old baby girl living in another country.
She is the granddaughter of one of the top Narcotraffic leaders in
that Latin American country. Jeffrey was recently released from
prison where he was incarcerated for murdering someone who
didn't pay for the drugs received. From the age of 8, Jeffrey
moved from one marginalized neighborhood to another and became
heavily connected in the Colombian and Mexican drug cartel. The
crusade in Nandayure marked his life forever. With a small tear in
his eye, he asked me to pray for his daughter and for the
protection he needs to break away from the cartel that continues to
pursue him. I interviewed him, and his testimony will air on my
radio program on Radio Nueva Vida this Friday at 1:30 p.m. PST. To
God be the glory!

Cindee and I would like to personally thank Mount Hope Church,
Arturo and Nela, Tito Pizarro, Rigo and Guiselle Montero, and
Josué Alpizar for your unprecedented commitment to
supporting this event and sweating in the blistering heat to see so
many people come to Christ!

May God richly bless you as you rejoice with us for the great
things God has done! Here are a few of the pictures that barely
capture God's hour for Nandayure.

Jason & Cindee Frenn

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